Info for Selling a Home

From staging to showings there is a LOT that goes into selling a home. We are here to answer any questions that you could possibly have in regards to selling your home. Here are five of the most popular with a quick answer to each. Obviously these are specific to your situation but hopefully they help!


Q: How long will it take to get my house on the market?

A: Typically it takes 2-3 weeks to get your home on the market. Obviously it can vary depending on the size and how much work needs to be done on the inside but 2-3 weeks is pretty standard!

Q: Does professional staging help sell my home?

A: It is always good to get a professional stagers opinion, however not every home needs to be staged.

Q: Can I afford to sell my house? Or is my house under water still?

A: With each home we will give a range of value and a full worksheet, which, based on how much you owe, etc., will tell you exactly how much you will make on the sale of your home. Many homes are gaining equity as the market storms back so you may be surprised that you are not under water anymore!

Q: How long are typical showings?

A: Typical showings last about a half hour but all showings have an hour range just in case someone is running behind or really, really loves your home! We always recommend setting up a “showing plan” with your family. Where will everyone go for showings. Will the dog stay in the kennel or go with? We will help answer many of these questions based on your specific scenario!

Q: Why would I list with you?

A: We get this question all the time! There are many agents in the Twin Cities area and each have their value but we believe over the last decade we have created one of the best marketing plans possible to sell your home. Feel free to check out a sample of our presentation below! We’d love to meet with you if you have more questions!


Those are the five most popular questions but we know you have A TON more. If you are considering selling and want a rough value of your home feel free to reach out or if you have more questions and want a specific “list” value of your home we would be happy to help!


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